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Care and Maintenance

If you are investing in a new stone countertop of any type, in order to keep it looking its very best, it will require minimum care and maintenance. The type of stone that many of our customers at Concord Stone Products choose for their countertops is given much consideration. We advise them to consider the level of maintenance that will be required for the type of stone they select.

There are some who don’t mind the level of maintenance that is required for their new granite countertops; they simply love the way it looks. If you are busy and simply do not have the time to spend taking care of your countertops, you should definitely choose one of the options that do not require as much care and maintenance.

Granite Maintenance

Granite is the type of stone that doesn't require a lot of maintenance, which is one of the reasons so many people choose to have it installed. There is a very minimal chance of your having to have it resurfaced or needing any repairs to it. After it has been sealed, in most cases, it will still maintain its great appearance for at least 10 years before it may need to be reapplied.

When it needs to be resealed, this is something that many people can do themselves. However, if you decide to do this yourself, we would suggest that you consult with a Concord Stone Products expert about the products that should be used.

Marble Maintenance

Marble is known for staining and etching. If you want to be able to protect your marble, there are certainly some things that must be done to avoid this. However, it doesn’t really require too much to protect your marble.

Just make sure that a professional stone fabricator has properly sealed it. Avoid the use of an abrasive cleaner on your marble. When in doubt, leave the job in the hands of our experts at Concord Stone Products.

Quartz Maintenance

Your quartz or manufactured stone can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water. When there is grease on your quartz countertop simply use a degreasing cleanser without bleach. If you don't have this readily available, you can also use bleach-free disinfectant wipes.

You can also rely on Concord Stone Products to provide you with quartz countertop cleaning products that are specially formulated for quartz.

Why Hire Concord Stone Products

We’ll do our part to help you maintain the appearance and durability of your new stone countertop but you will also have to do your part. This is why we are focused on helping you identify the products and methods that are best for the type of stone countertops that you have. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Concord Stone Products to advise you about your countertop care and maintenance.

We’re here to make sure that your investment lasts for as long as possible by providing you with safe products to help you maintain your countertops or taking on the responsibility for you.


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