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Stone is a commonly used material that is used in different types of home remodeling projects. This material is often used to make kitchen countertops, fireplaces, and flooring, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and bathroom vanities.

When you select the most appropriate type of stone for your project, you will be able to enjoy its benefits for a long time. Have you ever embarked on a remodeling project only to have the work done and later determining that the choices you made don't really suit your taste or your needs?

If you don't want to make this same mistake again, we would suggest that you give your remodeling project some serious consideration the next time. Taking the time needed to find out about your stone options will give you the best chance of actually having something installed that you will actually like. When you rely on the services of Concord Stone Products, we'll take the time to show you what stone options are available to you and explain their benefits.


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    About Us

    Concord Stone Products is a natural stone provider and installer in Concord, NC. With more than 20 years of experience working with some of the most popular stones in remodeling, granite, marble, and quartz. We work with the most experienced installers in Concord.

    They know how to effectively advise you about your stone selection simply based on their experience working with natural stones for such a long time. We started our business as a way to provide customers in Concord with quality products and services at reasonable prices.

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    At Concord Stone Products, we will be able to provide you with the most beautiful stone countertops. We offer the most widely used stones; the same stones that are often used for countertops, such as granite, marble, and quartz. We work with everyone regardless of their budget to get them what they want.

    Granite Services
    Marble Services
    Quartz and Manufactured Stone


    There is no doubt that granite looks luxurious and is often a great selling feature. It comes in a lot of different colors and patterns, which makes it a good option for anyone, who wants a lovely new countertop. It is low maintenance and is resistant to water and dirt.

    It is a stone that is also used for shower walls, flooring, tables, and bathroom vanities.


    Marble is considered one of the most elegant types of stones that you can have installed. White marble is one of the most requested types of colors but there are plenty of others. Marble is typically used for fireplaces, bar-tops, bathroom vanities, and countertops.

    It is among one of the most widely used types of stones requested at Concord Stone Products.

    Quartz and Manufactured Stone

    Quartz is offered in grey and white colors and looks very similar to marble. Our service professionals at Concord Stone Products usually install quartz on walls, stairs, flooring, and kitchen countertops. A more affordable option for your countertop needs is manufactured stone.

    This is a concrete that is molded to resemble natural stones. Not only is it less expensive than a natural stone, installation is also less expensive.

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    Modern gray kitchen features dark gray flat front cabinets paired with white quartz countertops and a glossy gray linear tile backsplash. Bar style kitchen island with granite counter. Northwest USA

    Bathroom Remodeling
    Kitchen Remodeling
    Care and Maintenance

    Bathroom Remodeling

    If you are remodeling your bathroom, chances are that you are making changes to the most prominent item in the room, your countertops. When you want a functional and attractive countertop, you’ll have to think about the type of material you’ll want to use.

    There are plenty of natural stone options available to you at Concord Stone Products.

    Kitchen Remodeling

    In many homes, the kitchen seems to be the hangout spot with both friends and family. Since it becomes the focal point of your home, it stands to reason that you would want a countertop that is both attractive and durable. You'll be able to receive this with a stone countertop installed.

    Why not look into your options by contacting Concord Stone Products for a free consultation today.

    Care and Maintenance

    If you want your stone investment to last, it may take some effort on your part. You can’t clean your stone countertops with just anything. Some cleaners are too abrasive for certain types of stones. It’s important to know which ones are so that you do not make the mistake of using the wrong cleaning products.

    Our service associates are here to assist you in caring for your new stone countertops.

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    Contact Us Today

    Stone is a great choice when you are thinking of a material for your countertops. However, not every stone is good for every room and you should know which ones are and which ones are not. You may like the way that someone’s marble looks in their bathroom but based they may have marble because it suits their needs. If your needs are different from someone else’s, chances are that this stone isn’t the best choice for you.

    Contact our associates to find out which type of natural stone will be the best fit for your home countertops. We offer you a no-obligation, complimentary consultation. Why not call us for a comprehensive cost analysis for the work that you would like to have performed.

    “We had granite countertops in our bathroom and we loved the look of them. My husband decided that we would have it installed in our kitchen. He received the best rate for the job from Concord Stone Products. They do a great job!” – Sally T.

    "We just couldn’t move forward with our remodeling because we couldn’t agree on which type of stone to use for our kitchen countertops. After consulting with someone at Concord Stone Products, it became clear what type of stone to use, quartz. With their help, we believe we made the best decision.” – Tony L.

    “Being responsible for a renovation can be draining. There are so many decisions that have to be made. I’m glad I relied on concord Stone Products to help me decide on the right type of stone countertops to have installed. I knew that based on their experience, I would be able to make the right decision. Thankfully, my client was happy with the final look of their countertops.” – Katherine L.